Located in Huntington, Vermont, this job was to build a two-story building with a two-car garage on the first level and an office and adjoining studio apartment space on the second level.  

Our clients wanted a relatively simple design that allowed the building to be situated with a deck entrance on the uphill side of the building. They wanted to keep their costs reasonable without sacrificing energy efficiency and radiant heat.  Some choices that were made to keep costs low, included the simple design of the building (rectangular, standard 8’ heights, simple roofline).  In addition, they selected lower cost finishes and omitted trim for windows on the interior and exterior of the building, chose an economical countertop and open shelving in kitchen and painted the railing and stained the deck themselves.

Key features of the building include:

-Radiant heat, 3 zones

-Large deck and outside staircase

-South facing roof for future solar installation

-Standing seam roof

-Thermally isolated garage slab

-Cellulose insulation (dense-pack in the walls and loose-fill in the attic)


  • We are thrilled with our building and experience working with Smith & McClain!  Kevin and Oakley listened to our needs and worked closely with us to understand tradeoffs for choosing one design feature versus another.

    Peter & Keri

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