• Smith & McClain uses the Sonnen Solar Battery!

    Smith & McClain uses the Sonnen Solar Battery!

Smith & McClain are certified SonnenBatterie eco installers. Just as solar energy technology has dramatically improved in functionality and cost in the last ten years, so too has battery storage technology. Home energy storage is fast becoming an integral part of our residential energy landscape and we're excited to offer the SonnenBatterie eco because it's an intelligent energy storage system that turns your solar powered house into a smart energy home! And Sonnen batteries are eligible for the 30 percent federal investment tax credit, just like your solar array.

With over 12,000 systems installed globally, the fully-integrated SonnenBatterie is the most popular and most proven energy storage solution in the world.

Sonnen’s safe, all-in-one energy storage system seamlessly integrates with your new and existing solar to help you:

  • Keep the lights on and your solar system running during a power outage.
  • Reduce your electricity bills.
  • Store excess solar energy for use at night and when electricity is expensive. 
  • Become energy independent with the option to go off-grid. 
  • Monitor and manage household energy usage.

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