• Solar panel installation by Smith & McClain in Vermont

    Solar panel installation by Smith & McClain in Vermont

Over the past five years Smith and McClain’s solar team has grown to be one of Vermont’s leading photovoltaic installers. Our diverse staff of project managers, solar technicians, equipment operators, and master electricians provide us with a unique skill set to complete an array of solar work for both residential and commercial projects.

Residential Services

If you are a homeowner interested in going solar we can work with you through the entire  installation process.  Our on staff project managers will visit your home to work with you on sizing the appropriate photovoltaic system for your homes energy consumption.  They will answer questions regarding the different types of systems that can be installed and finally provide pricing for the appropriate fit.  Our turnkey services will file all necessary permits, coordinate with your utility, and complete the installation right through the commissioning of your system.  We have been fortunate to work with clients on a  variety of systems including fixed angle ground mounts, roof mounts, solar trackers, and solar pergolas.

Commercial Services

For larger commercial and utility projects, Smith and McClain can help your project succeed from the install to the ongoing operation and maintenance of your systems.  We entered the commercial market as a balance of systems subcontractor but with our experienced staff of solar technicians, electricians, and project managers have evolved to act as general contractor.  We will subcontract part of a job or provide comprehensive project and construction management.  Our company's foundation in general contracting allow us to offer developers excavation and piling work, above-ground assembly of racking and panels, and electrical contracting and commissioning.

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